The Spirit of Giving

12-06-2010 2:40 PM

Jennifer Cook, Mary Kay Inc. Executive Support and Museum DirectorJennifer Cook, Mary Kay Inc. Executive Support and Museum Director

Today’s guest blogger is Jennifer Cook, who has literally spent a lifetime at Mary Kay Inc.  Having been with Mary Kay Inc. since 1971 and working closely with Mary Kay Ash as her administrative assistant for over 25 years, Jennifer is totally committed to passing on Mary Kay’s values and legacy which are the cornerstone for the success of Mary Kay Inc. Jennifer has served as the Director of the Mary Kay Museum, is a member of the Board of Directors of the Mary Kay Ash Foundation and also serves as a permanent member of the Company’s Culture Committee, which is committed to preserving the philosophies and principles of Mary Kay Ash. 

The season of giving is upon us, and how blessed we are at Mary Kay Inc. to be a part of a Company whose mission is to enrich women’s lives.  When Mary Kay Ash started this Company in 1963, she had no idea the impact that it would have worldwide.  Her goal was simply to give women in the Dallas area the opportunities she had been denied.  As the Company grew, Mary Kay began to receive letters from independent sales force members across the United States telling her how their lives had been changed because of their associations with Mary Kay Inc.  Not only were they able to help their families financially, but they began to experience personal growth and self-assurance as they developed Mary Kay’s “you can do it” attitude.  As the numbers grew and the Mary Kay philosophy of giving permeated throughout this organization, Mary Kay Ash realized the effect that this Company could have on a cause.
This spirit of giving has now become a worldwide force.  Just recently, I was looking back over the 2010 MKWorld newsletters (our global corporate publication), and my heart was touched to read about all of the good work being done in Mary Kay’s name around the world.  I thought of how proud she would be that our organization is changing lives in so many countries.  When something touched her, she would say “that it warmed the cockles of her heart.”  How blessed that heart would be to read all of these wonderful stories of giving.  Mary Kay Inc. is making a difference, as these headlines announce: “Kazakhstan Babies Get New Hope”; “MK Mexico Helps Hurricane Victims”; MK Korea Opened 9th, 10th Pink Dream Libraries”; “In Moldova, Beauty Battles Human Trafficking”; “MK US Advocates for Victims of Domestic Violence”; and “New Schools Serve Nearly 2,000 Sichuan Children.”  These are just a few of the charitable campaigns taking place worldwide.  And we are being recognized for these philanthropic efforts.  Social Responsibility Awards have been presented to Mary Kay China, Mary Kay Kazakhstan and Mary Kay Ukraine. 
Each country is doing its part to share the “Go-Give” spirit, and these works are impressive.  But when you consider them collectively – and for an entire year – there is only one word to express what we’ve achieved: WOW!  As 2011 approaches and I continue to peruse my copy of MKWorld each month, I won’t just scan over these stories of caring, giving and sacrifice.  I will look at them as part of the overall global impact that we’re having. I’ll be reminded with pride how Mary Kay planted a seed in Dallas, Texas, in 1963 and how that seed is changing lives for the better across the globe.