Farewell from Gary Jinks

01-27-2011 9:25 AM

Gary Jinks, Senior Vice-President of Sales for Mary Kay, Inc.In this edition of the Mary Kay Way blog, we bring you a special farewell message from Gary Jinks, Senior Vice-President of Sales for Mary Kay, Inc.  Since joining the company in 1983, Gary has held many leadership positions enabling him to work directly with the Mary Kay independent sales force, most recently overseeing U.S. Sales Development, Directors in Qualification, National Sales Director Services, Sales Force Recognition and all areas of sales force motivation.  Gary is retiring this month and will be greatly missed by his colleagues at Mary Kay Inc. and his many friends in the Mary Kay independent sales force.

I became part of the Mary Kay family in August 1983. And now, after 27 years, I am excited about entering a new phase of my life: retirement. Of course, my emotions have run the full spectrum -- excitement, anxiety, fear of the unknown, elation, questioning, -- but most of all, gratitude. I am so grateful for the life lessons I’ve learned, , the thousands of friends I’ve made, the opportunity to raise a family in the Mary Kay world, and the privilege of working for a Company dedicated to enriching the lives of others.

I will take with me so many wonderful memories of time spent with our independent sales force, my co-workers and of course, Mary Kay Ash. I was honored to work with her for 17 years. The value of the lessons I learned from her is immeasurable. I know I am a better person today because of her influence, compassion and gentle nudging to do my best.

My first memory of Mary Kay is one of my favorites: It centers around the interviewing process when I joined the Company. I had endured five interviews in two weeks with five different members of the corporate staff.  After the last interview, I received a call from the vice president of sales, telling me all had gone well, but there would be one final interview – with Mary Kay herself – at her home. I know I should have viewed this as a wonderful opportunity, but quite frankly, I was scared to death!

I drove to her home and arrived just in time. Mary Kay answered the door and welcomed me in. She guided me to her kitchen, where we sat at her kitchen table to talk. On the table were a plate of homemade cookies and a pitcher of milk. In no time, I was sharing my entire life story! Looking back, I realize our conversation that day was less about me and more about how I would work with her “daughters,” the Mary Kay independent sales force.

Mary Kay taught me so much about setting high expectations, managing with compassion and living with courage.  When she suffered a stroke in 1996 and was no longer able to speak, we were sure we would never hear from her again. Although her health was failing, she insisted on attending Seminar one last time. In 1997, Mary Kay appeared on the Seminar stage on Awards Night and for the last time uttered a quiet and muffled “You can do it.” It took a tremendous amount of courage for arguably one of the world’s greatest communicators to reveal the effects of her stroke in an effort to reassure everyone that her confidence in them had not wavered. 

We are so fortunate to be associated with a Company dedicated to enriching the lives of others. I am in awe when I consider the millions of lives that have been touched in a positive way by both the Mary Kay independent sales force and Mary Kay employees, all dedicated to helping others find success while they realize their own.

I am sure that, through your own association with Mary Kay, your life has been enriched beyond your wildest dreams. I know mine has!