A Brand That Delights

02-18-2011 3:22 PM

Yvette Franco, Vice-President of U.S. Marketing for Mary Kay, Inc.Our guest blogger today is Yvette Franco, Vice-President of U.S. Marketing for Mary Kay, Inc. Yvette joined the Company in 1993, and currently oversees all aspects of U.S. product, advertising, PR, consumer and online marketing.

Here in The Mary Kay Building and throughout the country -- where Mary Kay independent sales force members are working with their customers every day – we do a lot of talking about how great Mary Kay® products are. But it’s not just talk. All of us have tried the products and fallen in love with them. What really excites us, however, is when consumers become brand lovers and brand ambassadors, recommending the Mary Kay brand to others and rewarding us with their continued loyalty.

Once again, we have the numbers to prove that all of this talk has some hard evidence behind it. Independent research firm Brand Keys just published the official results of its 2011 Customer Loyalty Engagement Index, which examines customers’ relationships with 528 brands across 79 categories. I’m thrilled to announce that Mary Kay ranks #1 in customer loyalty both in the Cosmetics and Facial Moisturizer categories!

And there’s more: Mary Kay ranks #6 overall in “Brands That Delight”, a list of the top performers across all categories that are “knocking the ball out of the park when it comes to customer engagement and loyalty,” as referenced by a Feb. 7 article published by online news service Marketing Daily. Just look at the kind of company Mary Kay is keeping:

1. Netflix
2. Apple
3. Walgreens
4. Discover
5. Hyundai
6. Mary Kay
7. McDonald’s
8. J. Crew
9. Samsung
10. Nikon

All of these brands, Marketing Daily writer Karlene Lukovitz says, “have one critical thing in common: They ‘delight’ customers with authentic innovation and an overall brand experience that delivers on consumers’ key expectations within their product categories.”Why is customer loyalty a big deal, anyway? According to Brand Keys, loyal customers:

  • Purchase your products and services again and again over time;
  • Increase the volume of their purchases;
  • Buy beyond traditional purchases, across available product lines;
  • Refer your company's products and services to others;
  • Become immune to the pull of the competition; and
  • Give your company the benefit of the doubt.

If we needed more proof that Mary Kay customers are loyal, just look at this e-mail we recently received from Jamie, customer of Mary Kay Independent Sales Director Shari Kirschner:

I want to share with you my excitement about Mary Kay’s new primer with matte foundation [TimeWise® Matte-WearTM Liquid Foundation] that my Mary Kay Beauty Consultant shared with me this week! I’ve always had problem skin. I have a medical condition that through the years has created significant scarring, pocks and craters across my cheeks and around my mouth. To make it worse, during childhood I received a second-degree sunburn which created brown splotches around my nose and T-zone. This has left permanent definitive damage. I have tried every cover-up, foundation and skin system and have considered costly laser peels from my dermatologist to help.

“Last week, after running out of one of my latest failed purchases, I called Shari (my Mary Kay goddess) and told her I needed some new foundation. Like a beauty godmother, she was there in a flash, talking about the new primer and matte foundations she’d just received in stock. I couldn’t believe how even my skin looked. The next morning when I applied the two-part system to clean skin, I was even more amazed! The true test was that afternoon, driving on my lunch hour and seeing that my skin was not oily and that my makeup was still even and looked fresh. Seeing truly is believing! I’m so thankful to have finally found a product to help me feel good about my skin.”

Personalized service and trust are at the heart of every customer relationship. So while Mary Kay® products are pretty fabulous, it’s the “Mary Kay Way” – that Golden Rule Service -- that generates genuine customer loyalty. To all loyal Mary Kay consumers, thank you for recognizing us in such a meaningful way. And to the Mary Kay independent sales force, thank you for the lives you touch every day and congratulations on this outstanding achievement.