thank a special woman today

03-08-2011 12:20 AM

Yvette Franco, Vice President of U.S. Marketing for Mary Kay Inc.Today’s guest blogger is Yvette Franco, Vice President of U.S. Marketing for Mary Kay Inc.  Yvette joined the Company in 1993, and currently oversees all aspects of U.S. product, advertising, PR, consumer and online marketing. 

Today is a special day to me for three reasons.  First, I want to personally congratulate you for your generosity during Mary Kay’s first Global Month of Service!  Whether you served your neighbors with fellow Mary Kay independent beauty consultants, employees, family or friends, or volunteered on your own, I hope that you enjoyed the experience of giving back. 

If you haven’t recorded your participation in the Global Month of Service, today is your last day to make sure your service counts by visiting and clicking the “I volunteered!” button.

We are so blessed to be associated with a company that supports and encourages its employees and independent sales force members to “give time” in order to make a difference.  Surely Mary Kay Ash would be beaming with pride if she were with us today.

Mary Kay Ash also would be proud that today we’re celebrating the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day.

Organized by the United Nations, International Women’s Day was created to honor women worldwide.  At Mary Kay, we look at this global holiday as an opportunity to celebrate, along with the rest of the world, a day that honors the contributions and achievements of women, especially the wonderful women that comprise the Mary Kay independent sales force.  Can you think of a holiday more fitting for Mary Kay and our mission of enriching women’s lives?! 

Mary Kay Ash believed that all women could do anything they wanted and created an opportunity to enable women all over the world to do just that.  Everything we do is about women and positively adding to their lives – from offering an opportunity to earn income and make a difference in the lives of other women – to providing products that deliver the benefits we promise and help women feel better about themselves.  Talk about passing it on!  

Each one of us owes so much to the many women who have made a difference in our lives.  One of the many that comes to mind for me is one particular professor.  My first year in college I had a teacher who had such confidence in my ability that it was contagious.  I caught her vision.  She was instrumental in my decision to learn and experience the Spanish language and the people who speak it.  That choice has given me experiences, a career and relationships that are truly priceless and make me who I am today.  I’m so thankful for her!  In fact, I think I’ll send my professor a note of appreciation in a few minutes. 

Today’s a wonderful day for honoring women who are important to you.  Who will you thank and recognize?  In honor of International Women’s Day, take a minute today to simply call or e-mail those women in your life who inspire you.

My appreciation to you once again for your contributions to the Mary Kay Global Month of Service, and Happy International Women’s Day!