Take a Stand Against Domestic Violence

10-21-2011 3:27 PM

The Mary Kay Inspiring Stories program has received a lot of buzz.  Our goal is to help inspire and educate women through the creation of our 3-part documentary series on domestic violence.

Actress JoAnna Garcia Swisher narrator for Give Hope, noted, “The movement to end domestic violence can begin with a single viewing of each Mary Kay Inspiring Stories documentaries. The more views we can generate will lead to a heightened awareness about domestic violence and then ultimately we can all be a part of making an important change.”

In order to bring this cause center stage we are trying to become the most watched YouTube video! Help us bring more exposure to this important cause by watching on these dates listed below. You must watch the videos all the way through for your view to count! With each view we can change lives! So watch and share these with everyone you can on the dates listed below.

Give Joy – Watch on October 19
Give Hope – Watch on October 26

Learn more about the program on our official program website Marykayinspiringstories.com