Thanking my Grandmother

11-22-2011 7:04 AM

Ryan Rogers, Mary Kay Ash’s grandsonToday’s guest blogger is Ryan Rogers, Mary Kay Ash’s grandson. Ryan is the Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and has worked for Mary Kay Inc. since 2000. Ryan shares with us his thoughts on his grandmother’s legacy on the 10th anniversary of her passing.

It was 10 years ago today that we lost Mary Kay Ash. To many of you she was a friend, leader and role model -- but to me, she was Grandmother. When I think about my grandmother, I can’t help but recall what a positive influence she was on my life.  Her words of encouragement when I was young taught me to dream big with a never say never attitude.  The same “you can do it” inspiration she learned from her mother, she passed on to my family, in fact, she passed it on to the world!  Together, we are all part of extending her legacy to generations to come through an incredible company that will flourish for decades to come.

Grandmother was a trailblazer for her generation. To start a company in the early 60’s that gave women numerous opportunities, took courage and business savvy. But it’s the legacy she has left that has resulted in millions of other women also becoming trailblazers and leaders. This success is based on the fact that Grandmother started her company on principles that would sustain a business for a lifetime.

In the last ten years since Grandmother passed, we’ve grown from a company with some 800,000 independent beauty consultants to more than 2 million. We’ve expanded our operations and have Mary Kay products sold in more than 35 countries around the world. All of this stemmed from her dream marketing plan, $5,000, 9 independent beauty consultants and hard work -- a lot of hard work.

The interest in helping others and that hard work ethic are traits I witness every time I encounter a fellow employee. I’m really not too different from all of the other people who work for Mary Kay Inc. Like them, I’m grateful to work for a great company that has committed itself to enriching women’s lives. I enjoy working with our independent sales force and I love the spirit of team work. The only difference is that I get to work for such a great company that was founded by such a great woman who was the best grandmother I could have ever had.

Join me this week of Thanksgiving and share why you are grateful for Mary Kay Ash.

 Mary Kay with Ryan and his mother Jan at a school fundraiser in the early 80s

Mary Kay with Ryan and his mother Jan at a school fundraiser in the early 80s.