• Happy Arbor Day

    The Arbor Day Foundation and Mary Kay Inc. have partnered together for several projects including planting trees and creating outdoor learning spaces for children. In celebration of Arbor Day, we’ve handed over our blog...
  • Elmo, Dora and Me

    Today’s blog post is from Virginia Hock. Virginia works as a coordinator for the corporate communications group at Mary Kay. Virginia is an advocate for children’s literacy and shares a recent experience as a volunteer...
  • Earth Day 2012

    Spring has officially sprung! The grass looks a little greener and the flowers seem to be blooming just a little bit brighter. April is the perfect month to celebrate Earth Day. On April 22, around the world, we will honor Mother...
  • April Showers

    Today’s guest blogger is Dr. Beth Lange, Chief Scientific Officer. Dr. Lange leads Mary Kay’s Research & Development division and due to her passion for nature also champions our corporate environmental sustainability...
  • Seeing the Invisible Sign

    CMO Sheryl Adkins-Green talks about Mary Kay's Global Month of Service and the importance of helping others. “Pretend everyone you meet has an invisible sign around his or her neck that says, 'Make me feel important...
  • Getting it done

    Today’s post is contributed by Michelle Hines, Ph.D. Michelle is Mary Kay’s Manager of Skin Care Research. She serves on Mary Kay’s U.S. Culture Committee, an internal group that teaches Mary Kay’s philosophies...
  • Blessings on so many levels

    Today’s post is from Sharilyn Getz. Sharilyn is an art producer for Mary Kay and is a regular volunteer with the Ronald McDonald House. We had a group of employees in the Dallas area cook dinner at the Ronald McDonald House...

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