Blessings on so many levels

04-03-2012 12:30 PM

Sharilyn Getz, an art producer for Mary KayToday’s post is from Sharilyn Getz. Sharilyn is an art producer for Mary Kay and is a regular volunteer with the Ronald McDonald House.

We had a group of employees in the Dallas area cook dinner at the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas on March 24 during our Global Month of Service.  The Ronald McDonald House of Dallas, Inc. serves as a “home-away-from-home” for families of seriously ill children who are hospitalized or receiving treatment in Dallas area hospitals.  In an effort to lessen the burden, reduce stress, keep the family intact and enhance the quality of life for these families, the RMHD provides affordable housing in a caring, home-like atmosphere.  The Ronald McDonald House program was built on the simple idea that nothing else should matter when a family is focused on healing their child - not where they can afford to stay, where they will get their next meal, or where they will lay their head at night to rest.

It’s not an easy task to cook for nearly 70 people so the families usually get tacos, spaghetti and lasagna on a regular basis.  This time, we wanted to give them something different. We made pork loin, mashed potatoes from scratch, green beans, green salad, fruit salad and a pumpkin crunch cake dessert - a home cooked meal.  This meal was a welcome and appreciated change for them – that little piece of home.

It caused me to reflect on the unexpected things that make such a difference to people.   I have volunteered at RMHD for 10 years on Monday nights.  Over the years I have been blessed with meeting   many families.  On that Saturday, two boys that have been coming to the House for longer than I’ve been volunteering were there.  They are 19 and 20 years old now but their medical needs continue.  It was such a good feeling to know that we’ve been able to continue to support them and their families on so many levels over the years.  They are dear to me and I think I am dear to them as well.  One of the boys sought me out as our group toured the House so he could give me a hug before they left to go home.  That reinforces for me that I am where I need to be and doing the things I need to do. 

There is no greater joy and satisfaction than feeling that connection and knowing the role you play in their lives.  What I might be giving them they are giving me back two fold.  We are blessed on so many levels with the things that come into our lives or the things that we give. I am:
-Blessed that I have the opportunity to volunteer
-Blessed that I work for a company that is so involved with the community and supporting our mission on so many levels.
-Blessed that we have such generous community that supports its residents and graciously embraces those that come to our community with personal needs.

With all of the efforts that Mary Kay Inc. does to enrich women’s lives – our caring spirit and commitment to helping others is a great tribute to Mary Kay Ash, the independent sales force and our employees.

Group of Mary Kay volunteers

      Group of volunteers serving food | Mary Kay