Happy Arbor Day

04-27-2012 6:58 AM

The Arbor Day Foundation and Mary Kay Inc. have partnered together for several projects including planting trees and creating outdoor learning spaces for children. In celebration of Arbor Day, we’ve handed over our blog to them for a day. Today’s post is from Sean Barry, the director of media relations for The Arbor Day Foundation.

Arbor Day is all about taking the time to plant, nurture and celebrate trees.  The Arbor Day Foundation was launched 40 years ago during Arbor Day’s centennial year. At the Foundation, we seek to spread the conservationist spirit during all 365 days of the year. And partners like Mary Kay are a big help in making that happen.

The Foundation is proud to be working with Mary Kay to build a series of new Nature Explore Classrooms at domestic violence shelters. These outdoor classrooms assist in the healing process and give children a safe, nature-rich environment in which to learn and recover. They are already helping to change people’s lives. We just dedicated two new Nature Explore classrooms in Harlem within the past month.

Mary Kay has also been a great partner in our reforestation efforts. You can still help with our tree planting partnership with Mary Kay by becoming a fan on the Mary Kay Facebook fan page. With this effort, The Arbor Day Foundation and Mary Kay are on track to have planted 400,000 trees together since our partnership started.

If you want to know more about Arbor Day Foundation check out our website.  You can also use the arbordaynow.org Volunteer Center to find tree planting and conservation-oriented activities, both on Arbor Day weekend and throughout the year. Thanks, Mary Kay, for your continued support of our mission to inspire people to plant, nurture and celebrate trees.

Happy Arbor Day!

Child playing in a Nature Explore Classroom | Mary Kay

Child playing in a Nature Explore Classroom.