More than a Makeover

05-09-2012 8:05 AM

Kirsten Gappelberg, the manager of corporate social responsibility at Mary Kay Inc.Today’s guest blogger is Kirsten Gappelberg. Kirsten is the manager of corporate social responsibility at Mary Kay Inc. Kirsten talks about volunteerism and giving back.

When I started at Mary Kay I’m sad to admit that I didn’t know a lot about Habitat for Humanity. They build houses for people who need them and give them away right? Wrong!

A Habitat for Humanity home isn’t a hand out – it’s a hand up and an opportunity for homeownership through a zero percent interest mortgage and resources to be a successful home owner. Habitat is changing lives, transforming communities and rebuilding neighborhoods.  Mary Kay – and now Mary Kay independent sales force member Phyllis Doyle – are proud Habitat partners. 

Last year during Mary Kay’s Makeover Contest, Independent Beauty Consultants competed for the prize of a lifetime - a Habitat for Humanity Home built in their honor.  This was unprecedented, even for Mary Kay. Independent Beauty Consultants from across the U.S. rallied for the opportunity to transform someone’s life and give back such an amazing gift.

On April, 20 in Morristown New Jersey, Independent Beauty Consultant Phyllis Doyle was able to help break ground on the Habitat for Humanity Home being built in her honor. Phyllis had the highest number of eligible consumer entries in the 2011 Mary Kay Makeover Contest, and Mary Kay Inc. is proud to sponsor our 12th Habitat for Humanity home in her name. Phyllis was passionate about the prize and the cause, and held marathon makeovers so that she could WIN!

Phyllis shared with me after the ground breaking ceremony, “I was moved to action in this contest BECAUSE the prize was a life-changing gift -- a home -- for a deserving family. Meeting that family was the highlight of my trip and I was honored to help build and raise the first wall of their home.”

The impact of this contest is immeasurable. Imagine the lives that have been touched with something as simple as a makeover. How does your day to day life, your job or your free time help enrich the lives of those around you? I’ve heard so many times that Mary Kay is so much more than lipstick. I know I like to think so.

Mary Kay builds a Habitat for Humanity home

Mary Kay builds a Habitat for Humanity home.