• Leadership Series: The Heart of a Lion

    Today’s post comes from Peggy Davidson, Mary Kay’s Vice President of U.S. Sales Force Communications and Education. Peggy has worked for Mary Kay for more than 20 years and shares her thoughts about the heart of a...
  • Leadership Series: Look 'FORE'ward but don't look back

    Our Leadership Series continues with a blog post from Naomi Buerkle. Naomi is the Vice President and General Manager of Mary Kay’s North Central Distribution Center. Imagine a happy go lucky little girl with a knapsack over...
  • Leadership Series: The Speed of the Leader

    Today’s post is from Melinda Foster Sellers. Melinda is the Chief People Officer at Mary Kay. Melinda shares her insight on the characteristics of a good leader. Be the Kind of Leader Others Want to Follow Stop for a moment...
  • Leadership Series: Women of Action

    Today’s post is from Mary Kay’s Chief Financial Officer Terry Smith. Terry has worked for Mary Kay since 1984 and has served as the CFO since 2003. During the past six weeks, several of our female vice presidents have...
  • Leadership Series: The Other Path

    Today’s post is from Michelle Norman. Michelle is Mary Kay’s Vice President of Human Resources. Michelle oversees the HR needs for many of Mary Kay’s international markets and Organization Effectiveness globally...
  • Leadership Series: At Your Best

    Our Leadership Series continues with a blog post from Anne Crews. Anne is the Vice President of Government Relations, and she is an avid supporter of community volunteerism. Great leaders are good followers. It is my belief that...
  • Leadership Series: The Art of Listening

    Mary Kay’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Beth Lange, shares another post in our Leadership Series. I have a weakness. I am not a natural listener. Just ask my mother or husband. Early in my career, I approached most of my...

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