Thanks A Million

07-23-2012 8:20 AM

Hundreds of images put together to say "Thanks a MILLION!" | Mary KayWe did it! We reached 1 Million Fans for our Facebook fan page!! The U.S. Mary Kay Facebook page now has more than 1 million fans who have “liked” the page. Fans include Independent Beauty Consultants, employees, brand lovers and others.  We all know that Mary Kay was one of the original social networks. And now we are replicating the relationships that we have had for 50 years in the offline world. Online or offline, it's all about consumers loving our brand. 

Sara Friedman, Mary Kay’s VP of U.S. Marketing puts it best, “The million fan mark on Facebook is the quintessential gold standard that every company wants. It shows that consumers love you.” And we love you too! Click video to check out our special way to thank our fans. And don’t forget to check us on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Pinterest.