Beauty on the Scene – Introducing Hillary Kennedy

10-15-2012 7:33 AM

It is hard to resist someone that has a way with words and a beautiful smile!  I’d like to introduce you to on-air journalist and style sleuth - Hillary Kennedy, whose engaging smile and passion for Mary Kay products led us to choose her as the face of Mary Kay’s “Beauty on the Scene” program running this fall.  Featured in the October issues of Glamour, Allure and Self magazines, Hillary shares how Mary Kay takes her from polished professional to “glam on the go.” We hope that her enthusiasm will ignite new and current customers to try more Mary Kay.  In today’s blog, Hillary will share a little about her experience with Mary Kay and the making of “Beauty on the Scene.”

From Hillary:

I remember seeing those pale pink compacts in my Mom's dressing table drawer as a kid.  They were calling my name, begging me to open them and play.  Alas, the one time I made this calling a reality, I'm pretty sure it resulted in time-out and red lipstick all over my face and most of the counter.  That was my first and last experience with Mary Kay. Until now. I was offered the chance to try out some of Mary Kay's new cosmetic and spa-like products, and I was intrigued to find out why so many women are addicted.  Scores of women sell the brand successfully year after year, as evidenced by pink Cadillacs scooting around town.  If it was good enough for my Mom a few decades ago, I figure it must still be pretty impressive to have continued in that success.

This is what I found out: Mary Kay is a brand for smart, on-the-go ladies.  Smart, you say?  Yes.  With compacts that allow you to switch out colors magnetically, you aren't filling your makeup drawer with 100 different compacts taking up all your free space.  You only need a few compacts that you supplement with smaller, lighter cases of colors that can be snapped into those compacts in 5 seconds.  Me likey.   In a matter of two days, I had stopped using another brand of eyeshadow for the Mary Kay mineral eye colors in Golden Vanilla and Almond.  I love these colors because they are not only staples for other eye color looks, but can be worn alone for a more natural style.  During my trial period, I also fell hard for Lash Love Mascara.  I have naturally long lashes, but this mascara put them over the top! The consistency wasn't heavy or clumped together; the mascara gave my eyes just the right amount of "pop".  Another product became my go-to within a matter of days: the Crème Lipstick in Pink Satin.  This color is a must-have because it's flattering with just about any look you want to wear.  I found myself putting it on for both day and night...every single day and night.  That's when I knew I would be a repeat customer.

Next, the Mary Kay colors are trendy and cool.  I have to admit, I was expecting more traditional (read: boring,) colors.  Instead, I found brights, neutrals, and bronzing tones that are up to trend and not boring at all.  Give the Mango Tango lipgloss a try! It will instantly add drama to your nighttime look.  I also found myself becoming more adventurous during the trial and giving the Dark Denim EyeLiner a go.  I hadn't worn a dark blue liner before in my life, but I loved the Black Noir so much that I thought the Denim was worth checking out.  Both colors were pretty, stayed put in this Texas heat, and now are a part of the rotation.

Lastly, my hands and lips tend to be very dry.  (I doubt it has anything to do with the 1,000 degree showers I take....).  The Satin Hands and Satin Lips products are so stinking good that you'll feel like you've had a paraffin wax.  I can see why these are some of the best sellers.  Need I remind you that the youth of a woman's hands is the first dead giveaway to her real age?  Even Botox can't hide that, my friends.
One of the major highlights of the Mary Kay trial was being a part of a fantastic shoot to show off my new found love of the brand. 

Partnering with media giant Conde Nast, Mary Kay set up a beauty shoot that would give readers a peek into a day of my life as a TV Host and Style Blogger.  Can I just say, this was an experience of a lifetime! From the amazing wardrobe stylist who pulled fashion forward looks from retailers like Barney's to the creative film crew, I have never felt more glam.  We shot at some of my favorite Dallas locations: Hadleigh's and Celebrity Bakery in Highland Park Village, Bolsa in Bishop Arts, Milk and Honey on Knox-Henderson, and of course, on a rooftop downtown overlooking the beautiful Dallas skyline.  We even shot one day at my house with my two semi-cooperative chihuahuas, Tate and Fur.  Even with the 100 degree temps in late June, my make-up stayed fresh and held up outdoors. All in all, it was a surreal experience to show a crew of 20 people my daily routine and how Mary Kay makes life easier, but one I'll never forget.  (Plus, you can't beat taking a crew of sophisticates from L.A. and New York and having the privilege of showing them around your hometown!)

There you have it: Mary Kay is worth all the hype.  Truly, the compact space saving aspect is something that made the OCD organizer in me jump for joy.  If you have the same tendencies, I recommend giving this brand a go. The products work, they are affordable, and they save time and space!  And hey, every time you see those Mary Kay cars driving by, you'll feel oddly acquainted.


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