One Woman Can…make you believe in the tooth fairy

10-29-2012 4:30 PM

After a 12-year-old Maryland boy died because an untreated tooth infection spread to his brain, Dr. Belinda Carver-Taylor made three decisions. First, she decided that a child shouldn’t suffer because of a lack of dental care. Second, she decided that something had to be done. Finally, and most importantly, she decided that she was the woman to do it.

Belinda, a full-time dentist and Mary Kay Independent Senior Sales Director, always dreamed of having a mobile dental unit to provide oral care to aging patients and underserved children in Maryland. She never got the support she needed from her local officials or the funding needed to run the program. But after the boy’s death, she made up her mind that her dream needed to become reality. And, like any woman who’s made up her mind, Belinda went into superwoman mode.

She worked endlessly to get a mobile dental unit to treat patients in Prince George’s county. Writing letters. Speaking to organizations. Raising funds. Whatever was needed.  Her mission: to prevent another child from dying from untreated tooth decay. 

Knowing it takes a village to pull off something of this magnitude, she gathered other dental professionals and her Mary Kay family, and took her mission to state legislators. After years of work, hours of meetings and a steadfast lobbying effort,   the state of Maryland finally provided funding for the Deamonte Driver Dental Project - named after the 12-year old boy whose death inspired Belinda.

Now, more than two years later, Belinda’s dreams are coming true in a state-of-the-art, three-chair mobile dental clinic where she and other volunteer dentists are putting brighter smiles on young patient’s faces and potentially saving lives.

Belinda saw a need and filled that need. One woman who used her talent to make a change. What needs do you see in your neighborhood, your workplace or your community?  Where are these opportunities for change? What do you need to make the change happen?  Remember, one woman can…

Picture of three kids smiling on the side of mobile dentist clinic | Mary Kay


Picture of three kids smiling on the side of mobile dentist clinic | Mary Kay


Large group of women in front of mobile deamonte driver dental program vehicle | Mary Kay