Rio 2016?

01-14-2013 7:40 AM

How cool is this? I've always wanted to meet an Olympic gymnast - or, truth be told, wanted to be an Olympic gymnast - and it finally happened. I met gold-medal gymnast Jordyn Wieber!

Jordyn partnered with Mary Kay to help spread our message of domestic violence prevention. Mary Kay is the lead sponsor of loveisrespect, the nation's first text-based helpline, and Jordyn is a big believer that everyone deserves a healthy relationship. She joined us out in Los Angeles to talk to high school students about teen dating violence. We sponsor this program and others because we want to break the cycle of domestic abuse. It was so awesome to know that someone who achieved my dream of being a gold-medal Olympian has a heart of gold, too.

I was so honored to be with her, as well as Independent National Sales Director Lara McKeever, our partners at loveisrespect, and the students of Animo Oscar de la Hoya High School, as we work to put an end to the epidemic of domestic violence.

Like I said, how cool is that? 


Pictured: Jordyn Wieber educates students about healthy relationships.

 Jordyn Wieber educates students about healthy relationships | Mary Kay


Jordyn Wieber taking photo with fan | Mary Kay


Jordyn Wieber taking photos with fans | Mary Kay



Jordyn Wieber writing on white board | Mary Kay

Mary Kay’s VP of U.S. Marketing Sara Friedman

Like most of us, Mary Kay’s VP of U.S. Marketing, Sara Friedman probably won’t compete in the Olympics, but she got the next best thing. Sara met Olympian Jordyn Wieber when they teamed up to educate students about healthy dating relationships.