Beauty has no Boundaries

01-28-2013 7:12 AM

Like many little girls, I remember being fascinated by the world of fashion, modeling, and beauty pageants. Recently, I had the unique opportunity to learn more about the Miss America organization and their four pillars: scholarship, style, success, and service. More importantly, I became familiar with some of the unique stories of some of the 2013 contestants and found two stories to be particularly inspiring.

Miss Montana, Alexis Wineman, was the youngest contestant this year. Just 18 years old. She was diagnosed at age 11 with a mild form of Asperger’s syndrome and this year, became the first ever autistic Miss America competitor. She is bringing awareness and understanding of a condition that affects many individuals and families. I love her commitment to “helping those with the condition to unlock the potential that lies within all of us."

Another contestant, Miss Washington, D.C., Allyn Rose, is also an amazing inspiration.  After cancer claimed the lives of her mother, grandmother and great aunt, Rose took an active role is raising awareness of  cancer and educating youth regarding cancer prevention. At age 24, Rose announced that she planned to undergo a preventative double mastectomy following the pageant to prevent cancer. Her quote, prior to the pageant said it all, “I might be Miss America, but I’m still going to have surgery. I’m going to take control of my own life, my own health care.”

Beauty has no boundaries. For me, Alexis and Allyn are the winners, because they show us that winning is accepting yourself and celebrating all that is you. Is there someone whose inner beauty has inspired you?


Mary Kay CMO Sheryl Adkins-Green

Mary Kay CMO Sheryl Adkins-Green often says how Mary Kay showcases the inner beauty and the outer beauty of women. Two Miss America contestants caught Sheryl’s attention because of their extraordinary beauty – inside and out.