March 4th

03-04-2013 10:27 AM

This is your day to March Forth!

Folks who know me well know that I believe that the time to do something is always now. We should never wait until tomorrow to pursue the dreams that live in our hearts today. Too often we miss opportunities because we are more focused on waiting for the perfect day and moment instead of seizing all that today has to offer.

So while I don’t believe in perfect days, I can’t ignore the calendar. It is Monday, March 4th. Whether you see the date on TV, on your smart phone, or on your computer, the message is the same. Today is the day for you to MARCH FORTH!

We’re familiar with the word forth meaning to move onward or outward in place or space, but the definition also includes coming out from concealment or inaction.

One of the most powerful pieces of advice I received came from my friend Valorie Burton. Valorie is an accomplished author, life coach and speaker. She wrote, “Procrastination is one of the most effective and consistent thieves of untapped potential.” 

This is the perfect day to delete excuses and insert effort behind your talents. Don't let your goals intimidate you. Every step forward is progress. Thomas Edison once said, "If we did all the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves."

And always keep in mind that even what you may see as your worst can outshine someone else’s best. But you can’t maximize your potential if you don’t take the first step and march forth.

What are you marching toward this week?


Mary Kay CMO Sheryl Adkins-Green

Mary Kay CMO Sheryl Adkins-Green is our most frequent blog contributor. Sheryl uses her posts to inspire others and offer insight on living up to your fullest potential. Follow Sheryl on Twitter @SherryAG.