Hello Beautiful

03-18-2013 10:38 AM

It’s been months in the making. And an extraordinary team effort. But so worth it! Because now I’m so excited to be able to introduce our first ever Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Team!  We searched the world and found truly extraordinary talent to help us make Mary Kay® color easy to use for our sales force and consumers. It’s an unparalleled opportunity for women to learn and feel confident with color.

To kick things off, we invited this fabulous group of diverse makeup artists to Dallas last year to learn, share, try, play and explore. Coming from various cities across the globe including Munich, Sao Paulo, New York and London, these artists represent the best in their field. Their wealth of knowledge from their work on the runway, with celebrities, magazines and more will help further elevate Mary Kay as a top beauty brand.  We put them to work while they were here in Dallas, shooting several educational videos and tapping into their vast professional knowledge for application tips and tricks every woman can use. They’ll even be working with local markets for special events and PR opportunities. So lots of great stuff in the works you won’t want to miss!

As Mary Kay color experts, the artists will be used on a wide range of tools— Look Book, online videos, advertising, color education, even product development.  In fact, many of them participated in our record-setting Global Makeover Day on March 8. As we approach our 50th Anniversary and celebrate the incredible difference one dream and one woman can make, we also look to our future. And with the help of our amazing Global Makeup Artist Team, we’re poised to make the next 50 years more beautiful than ever.

So please be sure to get to know our fabulous artists right here during our milestone anniversary year. They’ll be our featured guest bloggers, one each month, sharing insights about themselves and their favorite makeup tips. They’d love to hear from you, so check back soon! 

Kimberly-Rabanal-Mary-KayDo you love your Mary Kay products? Then give a little thanks to Kimberly Rabanal. Kimberly is one of Mary Kay’s Brand Development Managers. She is a part of the team that helps create Mary Kay’s fabulous products. Kimberly shares insight on the new Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Team and their partnership with Mary Kay.