Spring Break. Spring Forward. Spring Cleaning.

03-21-2013 6:00 AM

I’m the unofficial Queen of Spring. From planning what my family will do for Spring Break to making sure no one oversleeps once daylight savings time begins (although the hubby set the clock back instead of forward...ugh!)  to getting rid of the extra clutter around my house that always seems so much more annoying in the spring time.  If you are anything like me, you are in charge of all three in your household too.  Truth be told, this only scratches the surface of things you are in charge of, right?!

While you are knee deep in spring cleaning and trying to decide if you should toss out those neon yellow capri pants from 1998, it may be time to consider a little spring cleaning for your makeup bag.  When is the last time it had a good cleaning?

We carry around makeup, hair pins, nail files, stale pieces of gum and other random items in our makeup bags.  Half of the items we don’t use, and the other half we shouldn’t use.  Our cosmetic bags become the final burial spot where good makeup goes to die. So why not add cleaning out your makeup bag to your list of spring cleaning?

The first thing to do is to find a good bag to hold your makeup. I love the Mary Kay® Travel Roll-up Bag. Inside, there are four clear, removable plastic zippered compartments to keep beauty supplies organized.  I pull out one of the sections and use it for my makeup bag for my purse. It’s super convenient for everyday use and great for traveling. 

Last week, I cleaned out my winter makeup shades and replaced it with the new Mary Kay® limited edition Zen in Bloom Collection. The collection has everything you need to create this spring’s hottest trend. You can make over eyes, lips and nails in cherry blossom pinks, serene nudes and delicate blues. My favorite piece in the collection is the high shine Lip Lacquer in Pink Pagoda with the Mini Retractable Lip Brush. Of course, my daughters love the nail colors in Pink Bamboo and Blue Lotus.  What little girl doesn’t love pretty nails?!

So, go ahead and let go of your old makeup. Get a makeup bag that works for your needs. Fill it with the latest products that make you feel beautiful! And, by the way, if you are still on the fence about the neon yellow capri pants, it’s really time to let them go.

Regena PipkinToday's post is from Regena Pipkin. Regena is a director in Mary Kay’s U.S. marketing group. She oversees the various business tools that Mary Kay provides for Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants. As a wife and mother of three wonderful girls, Regena is always on the go.