Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Re-love

04-15-2013 9:45 AM

I have a couple of pet peeves. Noisy eaters, sentences that end with prepositions, when my three boys leave the toilet seat up and stinky feet all bother me. Well, maybe I have more than just a couple. My pet peeve of all pet peeves is styrofoam. It just bugs me. It annoys me. It’s simply not needed.

There are so many better alternatives to styrofoam. At Mary Kay, we use biodegradable packing peanuts for our shipments in the U.S. The packing peanuts are made from corn and potato starch.  They are compostable and simply dissolve in water.  Love them! This was a change that we made as a company to increase our sustainability efforts.

Admittedly, most of us don’t run huge global companies, but we all are the CEO of “Me Inc.” You can truly impact the environment with your daily choices – both good and bad. One of the things I’ve committed to doing is to stop using disposable bottled water. My family and I love being outdoors and connecting with nature. As you can imagine, we need to drink plenty of water to enjoy our outdoor adventures. By simply committing to using reusable water bottles instead of bottled water, I am saving tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere each year.

With Earth Day next week, use it as a jumpstart to change one habit to decrease your carbon footprint. Let’s pledge to pick one way to reduce, reuse, recycle and re-love our planet. Tell us what you are planning to do to love our planet?

Pictured below: The three main reasons why Cristi wants to protect the planet...her three boys.


dr-cristi-gomez-with-mary-kayToday’s post is from Dr. Cristi Gomez. Cristi is a wife and mother of three active boys. Cristi heads Mary Kay’s Pink Doing Green® committee, which is a group of employees dedicated to increasing Mary Kay’s commitment to sustainability. For more information on Pink Doing Green®, click here. You can follow Cristi on Twitter @cristigomez.