Dance to Life

04-25-2013 7:15 AM

We’ve all been in tight quarters with someone who has seemingly taken a bath in perfume. All you want to do is run a million miles away because the person’s perfume is suffocating. It always makes me wonder what is the purpose of wearing a fragrance?

Is it to leave a fragrance trail wherever you go and overtake everyone with your favorite scent? I had just become the project owner for fragrance and body care category in Mary Kay’s U.S. product marketing department, and so I took a few moments to consider the answer to this question. 

I reflected back on some of the more familiar fragrances that I grew up with.  My best friend in high school always wore a floral scent.  Whenever I catch a whiff of her fragrance today, I always laugh and memories of shopping, school, and crazy times would start flooding in and make me smile.

Then there’s the scent that my aunt wore which had more of an oriental flair to it. She always made the best lasagna and the scent of her perfume always reminded me of great family dinners and memories of happy times with my cousins. 

My grandmother always wore the same fruity floral scent. Whenever she would hug me it enveloped me like a warm blanket. Then it dawned on me. This is what fragrance was all about - familiar scents linked to memories that are accessories to your wardrobe.

This is what I like about Dance to Life – Mary Kay’s new fragrance to commemorate our 50th anniversary.  When I first saw the imagery and videos for the fragrance, I thought it was a great concept.  The Dance to Life name is all about hope and pursing our dreams which is what so much of what our Company is all about.  The thing that I love most about the fragrance is the scent itself.  Soft and subtle, but distinct. A fragrance that leaves an impression without overstaying its welcome. 

To learn more about the inspiration behind Mary Kay's Dance to Life, click here. What is your favorite memory of a fragrance?

Pam GriffinPam Griffin works in Mary Kay’s U.S. Product Marketing Department. She work on fragrance and body care items and has been with Mary Kay since 1998.


Pictured Below: Special-Edition Mary Kay® Dance to Life™ Eau de Parfum.

 Dance to Life Eau De Parfum by Mary Kay