Pay "Pretty" Forward

06-03-2013 3:00 PM

Last weekend in my hunt for some economically-priced, trendy spring clothes, I landed at one of my favorite stores. I love this store because it always has something cute and affordable. Plus, I was in need of a small pick-me-up!

While in the checkout line with some super cute ankle pants, I noticed a gorgeous woman standing behind me.  Now, those who know me will vouch that I have never met a stranger. My friends tell me that I can talk to a brick wall! 

This lady was so lovely and had such a beautiful smile.  So after I made my purchase, I turned to her and told her that I thought she was simply stunning. I must admit that I hesitated before telling her this.  In fact, I really pondered it wondering if she might think I was a weirdo. 

However, all of the years I have spent at Mary Kay have definitely taught me a thing or two. Women love compliments and don’t be afraid to take a risk.  And working at Mary Kay has made me much better at both.

After sharing my compliment, the woman seemed surprised and genuinely pleased, and the saleslady even chimed in and agreed with me.  In the end, I think I made her day just a little bit better and her smile just a little bit wider.  While walking back to my car, I thought about how easy it was to extend a small kindness to someone. At that moment, I made a commitment to do it more often.

Fast forward to Wednesday morning at an annual doctor’s appointment. While being escorted to my room, the nurse said, “We were just talking in the waiting room about what a pretty lady you are and how much we love your outfit.  I always love to see what you girls are wearing so I know what to go out and buy for myself.” 

It made me feel so good because I wore that outfit just to brighten my day. Never intending to leave an impact on anyone. I was wearing black pants, a black silk blouse and a zebra print sweater.  The outfit was especially chosen so that I could wear my new bright yellow wedges.  Yes, like most of you, I design my outfit around my shoes. When I’m wearing these adorable sandals, I can’t help but smile every time I look at my feet.  They make me so happy

Needless to say, I was giddy.  The nurse not only told me I was pretty, but – more importantly – she called me a girl!  I haven’t been called a girl in I-don’t-know-how-long, so this made me feel fantastic.

Her kind words brought me back to the compliment I gave to the lovely woman at the department store over the weekend. I realized that I probably felt the same way she did – just a little bit brighter and better about herself.

This feeling is something I believe all of us could benefit from.  So I’ve made a commitment to pay “pretty” forward by continuing to let others around me know when they have a beautiful smile, gorgeous skin, lovely eyes, an amazing outfit or a great pair of shoes. 

Sometimes, it’s the little things that get us through the day and keep a spring in our step!  And, while a few kind words won’t change the world, they can make a positive difference.  And best of all, they’re free! 

So tell me, what are you planning to do to pay ‘pretty’ forward?

Monica's Happy FeetToday’s blog post is from Monica Haverkamp. Monica is Mary Kay’s Manager of Marketing Communications for the Europe Region.  Check out her yellow wedges paired with the gorgeous Mary Kay® Nail Lacquer in Blue Lotus. These shoes make her happy!