You Don’t Appreciate What You Have Until It’s Gone

06-06-2013 7:20 AM

I was always annoyed with my skin as a teenager and 20-something: the ill-timed break-outs, an excessive number of freckles and extra oil clogging up my t-zone. I never felt like my skin was anything special at all…of course, until one day it wasn’t.  About a month or so after I had my little girl, I looked at my face in the mirror, and for the first time felt old.

While being pregnant added a lot of weight to my body that I didn’t want, it also added weight to my face that it turns out I did want. While I was pregnant, the extra water weight made my skin look beautifully smooth and supple with a radiant glow. So afterwards, once that weight starting melting off, so did my glow.  I was taking care of a newborn, exhausted from not sleeping and only getting in a shower once or twice a week, and my face showed it. My skin looked dull and drawn, and I could see all the little fine lines starting to stake their claim on my face.

I might be a mom now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still want to look good. So I did a little change up to my makeup routine to fake that glow that used to be there. I started using the Mary Kay Facial Highlighting Pen. I always heard makeup artists rave about it, but honestly, until my face was missing that special something it used to have, it just seemed like too much work.

Facial Highlighting Pen is totally worth adding the extra step though! It’s crazy what a little highlight in all the right places can do. I use Shade 2, which is about one shade lighter than my foundation. I apply a little right under the puffy area beneath my eyes, on my nose and right above and below the middle of my lips.  And my dull skin is no more.

So if you look in the mirror and see a natural, radiant glow – appreciate it! And if you don’t, you can fake it like me with Facial Highlighting Pen.  

Today’s blog post is from Cyndi Vining. Cyndi is an assistant manager on Mary Kay’s U.S. product team. Click here to see a video with application tips from one of Mary Kay's Global Makeup Artist team members.





Pictured below: Mary Kay® Facial Highlighting Pen and Application Tips

Facial Highlighting Pen Shade by Mary Kay


Mary Kay Highlighting Pen Instructions