My Daughters Can

06-10-2013 7:15 AM

Three little words have so profoundly summed up the legacy of Mary Kay Ash….One Woman Can. The company she started 50 years ago has created a ripple effect that has lasted for generations and extended not just to women, but men as well. As an employee of Mary Kay Inc., I am a recipient of that legacy.

My day job is to support our Independent Sales Force by helping them connect with their customers in the digital world. It is a job that I really enjoy.

However, the job that I am most proud of is my position as CDO (Chief Daddy Officer) to my two little girls, Eden (age 3) and Eisley (pronounced “eyes-lee”, age 9 months).

In that role, along with my wife who is the Chief Mommy Officer, I am responsible for encouraging the development of their unique abilities, helping them to realize their individual beauty and building an environment where they can express their personal creativity.  It is a position that requires long hours and provides terrible pay, but the benefits package is worth all of the effort.

So, don’t be alarmed if you hear me humming the tune to the latest Fresh Beat Band song that we play each night during our dance party.  Don’t be surprised if I arrive at an early morning meeting smelling of hair care products after styling my daughter’s ponytails and putting on her favorite rockstar headband before dropping her off at school.  Don’t think it’s strange if I mention our family’s latest antics like the imaginary friend, Ageorgia, who hosts parties in Florida complete with cupcakes and Benihana-style cooking or how my 3 year old says her little sister’s hair looks like Martin Van Buren when it’s getting washed. (For those who don’t remember him from history class, Martin Van Buren was the 8th President of the United States.) It’s all a day in the life of the Brown family.

So as we celebrate Father’s Day this year, I can’t help but think about my role as a father of two little girls. Two little girls who I believe will one day become great women. Great women who can ___________. (You know what? I’ll let my daughters fill in the blank.)

Happy Father’s Day to all the Chief Daddy Officers investing in the lives of your children! It’s going to pay off big time.

Darrell BrownToday’s blog post is from Darrell Brown. Darrell has worked at Mary Kay for four years, and is the Manager of U.S. Interactive Consumer Marketing. Darrell and his wife have known each other since college and have two beautiful daughters. Darrell's family is pictured below.