Generation Y Not?

06-24-2013 4:05 PM

Recently I attended a meeting with colleagues to review statistics on Generation Y.  The information shared intrigued me because this new generation is like no other. 

• They are adventurous and anxious to experience the world.
• They want to discover something that brings them joy, knowing that when there is passion, it will drive a career of success and a life of deep fulfillment. (Sounds like a Mary Kay career!)
• They aren’t willing to sacrifice their lives and their families for the almighty dollar. Many have witnessed their parents operating in a career world that often lacked the important work/life/family balance.
• They are sophisticated and comfortable with all modes of technology, even though it’s a rapidly changing landscape.

In my role as the Mom taxi for my 15-year-old and her friends, this theme is echoed time and time again.  It’s amazing to hear this generation plan their future, and it always includes exploring the world with no fear of different cultures or environments. 

In addition to college dreams and personal plans, they have a strong desire to give back to society as missionaries or through volunteer work in the community, and many are involved already at a local level.  And, they’re not easily intimated or afraid to stand firm on matters of principle.

This month, four amazing college women joined our U.S. Marketing team as interns for the summer.  What impresses me the most about this generation is their quest for knowledge.  They value and recognize the importance of education for their future.  But true to the statistics we heard in the Gen Y meeting, I am struck by the adventurous spirit of these women.  It’s like they were pre-wired and their brains amplified with the great spirit of “Why not?”

Here at the Corporate offices, as we put the final touches on launching new, fun products geared toward the younger market next month, knowing that these confident, powerful and ambitious women are our customers and sales force members of the future, I am convinced that this great company will thrive in our next 50 years beyond our wildest dreams.  To paraphrase a famous quote, “Some look at things that are and ask why, but the Gen Y generation dream of things that never were and ask why not?”

Jill WeddingToday’s blog post is from Jill Wedding, Director of U.S. Consultant Marketing. Jill has worked for Mary Kay for more than 24 years.