More Than We Bargained For

06-27-2013 7:25 AM

1963 was a big year. I was born. And, of course, so was Mary Kay Inc.  Now, I am quick to admit that the latter event had a MUCH bigger impact on the world than one tiny baby born in the Nebraska cornbelt.

Do you ever think Mary Kay felt like she got more than she bargained for? I know my parents did – I was a twin. “Baby B” as they say in the maternity world. Certainly not planned for, but what I’d like to consider a “sweet extra. “

You know her amazing story. Mary Kay started this company to give women a chance to use their God-given talents to succeed. She accomplished that and so much more. Her “sweet extra” was the legacy she left behind for millions of women, across many nations. Because of her, we know with 100% certainty that one woman can.

So, here we are, 50 years later. Mary Kay Inc. is a proven success story. Do you know that in 1963 there were more than a hundred direct sales companies, but only few of those are still around today? Not only is Mary Kay still around, we are thriving!

Is 50 the new 30? Who cares?! Fifty is the new 50 and it’s a great place to be: confident, strong, and built with a great foundation (core values for Mary Kay Inc., Spanx for me). I can’t imagine a world without Mary Kay, and I’m so grateful to her, our independent sales force and my fellow Mary Kay employees that I won’t ever have to.

I’m proud of the way we’ve aged. With age has come wisdom and a dynamic sense of who we are. We’ve never looked better, and my dearest hope is that Mary Kay would agree. 

Peggy DavidsonToday’s blog post is from the 50 and Fabulous Peggy Davidson. Peggy has worked for Mary Kay for 23 years and currently serves as the Vice President of Sales Force Communication and Education. Peggy lives by the quote, “People may not remember what you do or say, but they will always remember the way you made them feel."



Pictured below: Peggy and her twin sister Patty as flower girls.


Pictured below: "Baby B" Peggy on the left and her sister "Baby A" Patty on the right.


 Pictured below: Peggy and her twin sister Patty.


Pictured below: Peggy and her twin sister Patty celebrating their birthday with Peggy's daughters.


Pictured below: Peggy and her daughters