Party over here

07-22-2013 4:00 PM

We love a good party at Mary Kay, and we are throwing the biggest party of the year. Our annual Seminar starts today, and we are celebrating our golden anniversary. 50 years of enriching women’s lives. 50 years of offering irresistible products. 50 years of offering a rewarding opportunity to women. 50 years of having a positive impact on the community.

Of course, a party isn’t a party without a few friends. This year, some of Mary Kay’s “friends” are partying with us. Throughout the next few weeks, the city of Dallas will welcome Mary Kay and more than 50,000 Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants from all over the US. Several iconic Dallas landmarks will turn their lights pink to commemorate Mary Kay’s 50th anniversary.

Plus, our friends at Neiman Marcus are honoring Mary Kay Ash and her legacy. The downtown Dallas flagship Neiman Marcus store has designed an elegant multi-window display in shades of Mary Kay pink with gold to celebrate our milestone anniversary!

There is a stunning, hand-beaded gold dress by Naeem Khan near the front entrance where our (iconic Mary Kay pink Cadillac is parked inside. I won’t give away all of the juicy details about the display, but here are a few photos. You’ll have to stop by the store to check out the entire tribute to Mary Kay.

Happy 50th Anniversary Mary Kay!

Today’s post is from me. I'm Kathrina McAfee, the managing editor of The Beauty That Counts Blog. As soon as I have a few photos of the pink buildings, I'll share them with you! In the meantime, check out these photos from the display at Neiman Marcus. Chat with you soon!


Mary Kay Display at Neiman Marcus


 Mary Kay Pink Cadillac and Hand-Beaded Gold Dress by Naeem Khan



Pink Cadillac from Mary Kay



Neiman Marcus with the Mary Kay cadillac

Display of Mary Kay Cadillac