Mary Kay Inc. – Officially Amazing!

08-08-2013 2:00 PM

Seminar 2013 has come to a close, but it was a whirlwind of excitement - full of glitz and glamour. We taught Dallas a little something about going big for our 50th Anniversary! “How big?” you might ask. WORLD RECORD BREAKING BIG! That’s right - Mary Kay Inc. has officially received a Guinness World Record for “Largest Makeup Painting.”

The creation of this artwork (made possible through the incredibly talented folks at Eyecon, Inc.) was a massive undertaking. The piece was over 600sqft – and it was created from start to finish on-site during Seminar 2013. After this project, I’ve learned a lot about our amazing products. Such as…
- Mary Kay ® Cream Eye Colors are able to cover approximately 1sqft of canvas. (The most used color for this project was Meadow Grass.)
- In layering and blending – nearly 12 pounds of Mary Kay® Cream Eye Color were used.
- Mary Kay ® Eye Primer works great at making sure paint doesn’t seep under stencils. (Good to know for your next DIY!)
- Mary Kay ® Creme Lipstick on canvas covers about a 6ft line at medium pressure.
- Every inch of this painting was covered in product – white areas were covered with Eye Primer and then dusted with Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color in either Sterling or Gold Coast (don’t worry – we recycled all of the caps and cases!!)
- To cover a canvas 76ft wide by 8ft tall, we used approximately 3,500 of our products.

We wanted to convey a lot with this piece, where we’ve been, where we plan to go, and who makes up the Mary Kay family. In using over 5 gallons of our Mary Kay® TimeWise® Matte-Wear® Liquid Foundation nearly every single skin tone of the women of Mary Kay was represented. That just helps prove what we already knew – One Woman Can™be a work of art!

Today’s blog post is from Lacey Long. Lacey has worked at Mary Kay Inc. for just under a year in Corporate Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility. She is a New Jersey native and a Rutgers University alumna. For more Officially Amazing feats visit Guinness World Records online here.