Four Letter Word

08-22-2013 7:28 AM

You recall the old “4-letter words” from childhood – you know, the ones that would get your mouth washed out with soap. You spend your youth expressing yourself with these words, thinking you were so grown up, pushing the boundaries of rebellion and feeling so liberated to use those words that were so taboo and naughty. Ah, the good old days.

Yes, we eventually grow out of that, and those words become less cool. It’s funny that when you are grown, the naughty “4 letter words” are a new naughty class of their own.

For example, words like CARB, DIET, CHIP, SODA, WORK, ….and ACNE. Yes, ACNE…you think that word would disappear in your teenage years, never to grace your spoken word again, unless you are describing your teenage child.

But no, this word has tendencies to rear its ugly head again and literally show its face – in my case it was after my son was born.  Apparently, it all goes back to hormones. So, puberty, menstrual cycles, pregnancy, and menopause – all reasons to bring back ACNE.  So, it looks like every person has at least 3 chances of this “4-letter” word making its way to your grown up face.

Have no fear though; Mary Kay has this little ugly word figured out. Developed for ALL of these types of mild to moderate Acne occurrences – Clear Proof™ Acne solutions have just the power we need. What’s great is that I can start to see these breakouts disappear in as little as 7 days.

And if I am consistent, I won’t have to worry about future breakouts either, and according to the hormonal schedule, I am looking at seeing it for a while.

In my adult case, I am left to fight both acne and wrinkles, and I do so by incorporating the Timewise® products like the Firming Eye Cream and Targeted-Action® Line Reducer into my acne routine.  Yeah, Yeah, I will probably be sharing this Clear Proof™ skin care regimen with my sons someday – which is OK with me, because as a young girl I had always imagined sharing cosmetics with my daughters (which I can’t  do with my boys), so I will take what I can get and relish in this skin care sharing instead.

If I can help them not have to worry about this ugly “4-letter word” it will make this mommy happy. Besides, can you imagine what their generation of “4-letter words” will be? Probably “4-letter texts”, but in any case, ACNE breakouts are something I can handle for myself and for them with a little help from my Mary Kay® Clear Proof™ Solutions.  Now, let’s go battle the other “4-letters”….. What’s for lunch? I’m craving something with a CARB.  

Today’s blog post is from Jennifer Harris, project manager with Mary Kay’s U.S. Product Marketing team.


Pictured below: Mary Kay Clear Proof™ Acne

Clear Proof Acne by Mary Kay