An Everyday Fairytale

09-09-2013 6:49 AM

When I was a little girl I wore my Tinker Bell costume everywhere. My mom dressed me in big princess dresses with matching socks, I could sleep whenever I wanted to, and I could eat as much pizza as my little stomach could handle. I was living in a fairytale —I just didn’t know it yet.

When I was younger, I was so eager to grow up. I thought everything would be better as a grownup. Now that I've graduated college, I know the truth about adulthood. Sometimes, it makes wish I could go back to those blissful days and collect on a few of those naps I refused to take.

As summer comes to an end, the Fairytales & Fantasy trend gives us something to look forward to this fall. Fairytales & Fantasy gives us an escape from the daily grind, an excuse to channel our inner princess, and a chance to live our everyday fairytale.

Mary Kay’s fall trend is a modern take on romantic beauty and fashion. Whether you’re the Subtle Fairytale Beauty who loves chiffon and the soft pinks of the trend, or the Mysterious Enchantress who gleams in jewel tones and an updated smoky eye, Mary Kay’s fall trend has something for you. The beauty of this trend is that you can show off your sweet and innocent side as well as indulge in your dark, mysterious side—you can even combine the two.

The Fairytales & Fantasy trend is all about neutral gold eyes, royal hues, and mulberry red-stained lips. You can add a bit of mystery to your look by incorporating an updated smoky eye by using a deep purple instead of black or charcoal eye shadow.

Your daring new look will turn heads at this year’s holiday party. Complete your enchanting look with velvet accents and a jeweled statement necklace. Having Sunday brunch? Highlight your eyes with soft neutrals using the limited edition Mary Kay® Smoke & Shimmer Eye Wand in Gold Illusion and Mineral Eye Color in Moonstone to get a more ethereal look.

Even though there are no magic potions that can take us back in time, we can enjoy the everyday fairytales in life. It could be as simple as discovering macaroons in the break room or even finding your Prince Charming…in the pages of your favorite book. Or maybe you help create someone else’s everyday fairytale by volunteering in your community. Whatever it may be, we can embody the regal and mysterious spirit of the Fairytales & Fantasy trend, escape from the daily traffic and deadlines, and let our imaginations reign.

Morgan is a recent graduate from the University of Texas at Austin where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Radio Television & Film. She has been living her own everyday fairytale as a Corporate Consumer Marketing Intern this summer. Morgan’s favorite Makeup Artist Look is The Golden Glamour Look.

Bonus Beauty Tip: 
Global Makeup Artist Team member, Shawnelle Prestidge, says, “As the name implies, the glossy lip stains are perfect for creating the on-trend stained lip look. Just buff the color onto the lip with a fingertip and build up gradually for the desired effect.”