Mary Kay Makeover - Dallas Edition

09-26-2013 2:31 PM

If you were planning to do a makeover, what supplies would you gather? Most likely, your supply list wouldn't include 100 trash bags, 56 gallons of paint, 120 paint brushes, 10 bags of soil and 192 flowers. Well those are exactly what we used when more than 150 volunteers came together for a Mary Kay makeup-free makeover.

Mary Kay partnered with Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity to makeover an entire neighborhood. Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants, employees, family members and friends all worked together last weeked to paint homes, pick up trash, plant flowers and spruce up a Dallas neighborhood in honor of our Global Month of Service.

Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity calls this program A Brush with Kindness.  We just call it The Mary Kay Way!

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Pictured below: Volunteers spruce up a Dallas neighborhood during Mary Kay's Global Month of Service.