Project Runway All Stars Inside Scoop

10-30-2013 10:00 AM

Last week’s episode of Project Runway All-Stars was so good, and we can’t wait to see tomorrow night’s show.  We love the show so much that we had to know more. What really happens in the designers’ workroom? Do they really have just 30 minutes to sketch before heading to Mood? We asked celebrity makeup artist Luis Casco to give us the scoop on what it is really like behind the scenes of Project Runway All Stars.

I LOVE Fashion! I do!  I remember growing up in my native El Salvador looking through my mom’s fashion magazines.  She saved them all and I would spend hours looking through them and cutting out drawings and pictures of glamorous women in the pages of beauty magazines including Vogue, Hola and Vanidades. 

 As soon as I was old enough I was doing my own makeovers and taking pictures of my sister in different outfits, and even doing her hair and makeup.   She was the first “model” I ever worked with.  Fashion also led me to my career in makeup as I started getting involved with beauty as a fashion design student. 

Imagine my excitement when I found out I was going to be working on Project Runway All Stars!  I’m totally a fan of the show and have watched every season of All Stars and the original Project Runway.  I’ve always loved and respected Heidi Klum, the executive producer and host of the original Project Runway, and remember fondly our last job together in Majorca, Spain. 

If you’ve watched the show, you know the setup and the many challenges and the drama that goes on in the workroom.  Going on to the set, I was prepared for the normal chaos that’s usually present at any television show taping.  Behind the scenes there are dozens of talented people (both in front and behind the camera) working long hours and at a very fast pace! 

What I hadn’t fully expected was the “reality” of a group of designers who are legitimately working and competing under strict time limits and unbelievable stress.  There’s no down time for the designers.  There’s no “Action” called by a director from behind the camera.  It is real life, in real time. 

I came away with a new respect and appreciation for what these talented and determined designers do.  They are given very little time to plan their designs, have to always be ready to be in front of the camera and attack each challenge with the gusto and passion that it takes to compete to win.  I had an opportunity to speak to each designer and discuss their vision for the challenge.  I was so impressed with them all and honestly thought any of them could win! 

The designers are all so different and my job was to understand their point of view and to help them by communicate their vision by creating makeup looks that would enhance their designs.  This is what it was all about for me- creating looks with Mary Kay makeup that would create a mood and help them communicate their vision on the runway.  Some of them may not be wearable but remember it’s what high fashion is all about-creativity, inspiration and expression! 

After watching the show, maybe you’ll be inspired to try a different shade of lipstick or a different color eyeliner or add a bit of sparkle or an extra coat of mascara sometime.  

Fashion always helps me as it should help you - to keep current, to try different things and to embrace makeup for what it is- a fun way to send your own message down your own runway!

Get ready for a season full of amazing fashion and I might add some amazing makeup looks! 

Mary Kay celebrity Makeup Artist Luis Casco partnered with Mary Kay on Project Runway All Stars Season 3 creating fashion forward looks seen throughout the season.  Luis is one of the most sought-after and highly-regarded makeup artists thanks to his years of experience and creating beauty all over the world.




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