Project Runway All Stars @Play

11-15-2013 1:30 AM

The Mary Kay @Play Episode of Project Runway All Stars was so fun. When we found out what the designer's challenge was going to be, we thought it would be the perfect time to incorporate the @Play line. Everything about the challenge felt like being a kid again. Luis and I had a great time going into the Mary Kay color box and getting to use so many bright fun colors in such playful ways. It was kind of like playing dress up when I was a kid, and there were no rules.

Since this challenge was my first one to work with the designers directly, I wanted to get to know them as much as I could and create makeup looks for them that they were really excited about and could be proud of. I spent the night before the challenge collecting tons of images from runway shows from the last four seasons for each designer so that they could get some great visual inspiration. Also, it helped them visually communicate to me what they liked so I got to know a bit more about them and could tailor the makeup looks according to their personal tastes. I think they really appreciated the effort and it certainly made for clearer communication.

Everyone had extreme differences in what they were designing, and this was a challenge that really let us play up our own diversity as makeup artists as well. I think my personal favorite thing that I did was black be-jeweled lips. I loved what Luis did with the bronze eyes that he created as well. Just as the designers were piecing together extreme creations out of unorthodox supplies, we were doing the same thing with the makeup. We literally used everything. We even cut up Mary Kay boxes to make crazy 3 dimensional eyeliner! It was so much fun seeing it all come together on the runway. It really was a team effort between the designers and the makeup team.

Mary Kay at Project Runway Allstars

Mary Kay celebrity Makeup Artist Virginia Linzee partnered with Mary Kay on Project Runway All Stars Season 3 creating fashion forward looks seen throughout the season.  Virginia has an exceptional ability to translate her vision into gorgeous looks as you will see this season.