Project Runway All Stars Finale

01-09-2014 1:59 PM

The finale airs tonight, and working on the finale was intense! These were the last designers remaining in the challenge and the energy and passion that remained among them was impressive.  The designers were all so deserving and so gifted, the makeup looks had to be beautiful and perfect compliments to the gorgeous designs they were creating. 

I could only imagine how exhausted they were at that point and yet how focused they would still have to be to win. To see their final designs walk down the runway was just amazing, and once you see where we shot the finale you will most likely agree!  But I won’t drop any hints about that.  You’ll have to watch the show.

As usual for the finale, the designers are asked to create actual collections with multiple designs to be shown together.  This meant that the collection needed a cohesive look.  For my part, I had to also create makeup looks that would work for the collection as a whole and would work on various skin tones. 

This is a very special show and I hope everyone will tune in to see it.  You will really enjoy the designs, the drama of the competition, the final runway show and of course the makeup! 

“Cream rises to the top”. Always do your best- at anything you do and eventually you will be recognized and rewarded.

To everyone that works behind-the-scenes on this production, congratulations for putting it all together- what an amazing team!  And to ALL the designers who participated- I LOVED meeting and working with you from the beginning to the end, but most of all, thank you for inspiring me!

Mary Kay celebrity Makeup Artist Luis Casco partnered with Mary Kay on Project Runway All Stars Season 3 creating fashion forward looks seen throughout the season.  Luis is one of the most sought-after and highly-regarded makeup artists thanks to his years of experience and creating beauty all over the world.