Ah, romance

02-12-2014 4:55 PM

It doesn’t matter if you are in a new relationship, have been with the same person for years or are out looking for a new romantic adventure, we all want to find that attraction and excitement with someone that shares our same passions.  The flirty glances, soft laughter and gentle touches that tell someone you are interested …that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about.  And, let’s be honest, the attention is a total self-esteem boost!

Even if you’re not looking for love this Valentine’s Day, we all want to feel pretty in our own right and maybe turn a few heads in the process.  For me, that usually means some sort of sultry smoky eye.  Now, granted, I think my eyes are my best feature (my lips are mediocre and my skin is far from young and radiant) but I think most women can rock a smoky eye.  Plus it’s the perfect look for Valentine’s Day because lips are subtle so if you do get a good night kiss, no one will tell! 

So, what do I do for a romantic smoky eye?  I like to use coppers or gold tones.  This makes the look a little softer and not as dramatic as black or grey.  It also plays up blue and green eyes perfectly…bonus!  My favorite combination right now is Mineral Eye Colors in Truffle, Amber Blaze and Espresso.  I mix the Truffle and Amber Blaze and apply to lids up into the crease.  Then I use the Eye Smudger Brush to line my lash line with Espresso and blend it up so it looks like it seamlessly blends into the other shades.  I add a touch of highlighter (I use Honey Spice) to the brow bone and blend down.

For those of you brown-eyed girls out there, try a pop of color with browns, like adding Azure or Emerald to Espresso and Hazelnut.  Just in the inner corners or a small amount on the center of the lid.  Keep the browns to the outer corners and crease of the eye. And, last but not least, you have to have “battable” lashes, so I add a couple of coats of Ultimate Mascara® in black.  Leave lips kissable with just Satin Lips® Balm or a subtle lip gloss.

Take a look at these photos of my smoky eye, and tell me what you think. For professional tips from Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Gregg Brockington, click here. What are your tips for creating great romantic looks?




Today’s blog post is from Amber Achilles-Cavazos, who works in US Product Marketing. Through her years working at Mary Kay Inc. she has developed a love for makeup and it is her passion to help others discover the joy of playing with color.