Weekend Warrior

02-20-2014 7:28 AM

As a working mother of two school age children, my weekdays consist of many, many time driven deadlines. From sun up to sun down, Monday through Friday, it is a fast schedule. A mandate from which I cannot deviate. Every precious hour, is accounted for.  Wake up. School drop off. Work. Work. Work. Work. Work. Daycare pick up. Soccer practice. Homework. Bath time. Story time. Bedtime….

And it repeats like Groundhog Day each day of the week.  I have carved out the exact time I need to make myself look “work ready” each day. I can admit it, It takes a while to pull together my "natural beauty." Plus, I work alongside the most beautiful women, representing the most beautiful women in the industry, so I have to put in the time!

Alas, the weekend finally rolls around, and then things get a little less consistent. But I'm still finding myself chased by the hands of time. There is always a play date, grocery shopping, little league games, an occasional hair appointment, chores , gym visits to fit in, etc.

I try to find time saving plans any way I can since having these extra moments with my family are precious. Because of the time and effort spent during the work week on my natural beauty/glamorous appearance, I tend to want to rebel a bit on the weekends - yoga pants, skip the hair washings, and just be 'au naturel." Well, at least for the most part, when I leave the house. I am thrilled to have now found my perfect new multi-tasking Saturday & Sunday assistant – the new Mary Kay® CC Cream!  This is my new weekend warrior! Mary Kay CC Cream offers 8-in-1 benefits, in a light-weight Complexion Corrector cream, to achieve effortless beauty providing a natural flawless look.

I can simply follow up my daily skin care regimen with a few pumps of this complexion covering wonder with just my fingertips, swipe a few strokes of my Lash Love Mascara in I (heart) brown, add a swipe of Satin Lips Lip Balm and get on with my weekend in less than two minutes flat, never glancing at a mirror again.

I appear natural, effortless, without anyone knowing I had a little help from my Mary Kay. Best part, it has my sunscreen in it, my good skin loving benefits, and looks and feels like I have nothing on, my skin stays hydrated, and glowing with youthful radiance!

For all you working mom’s out there or even you ladies chased by the hands of time - invest in this new Mary Kay® CC Cream for your weekend beauty routine, trust me…you will love it! Watch this great video about the Mary Kay CC Cream.

Today’s blog post is from Jennifer Harris, manager in US Product Marketing. With nearly 10 years working within the beauty industry, Jennifer has learned there are no rules for beauty, each unique woman deserves her own custom beauty plan that fits within her lifestyle. Her team at Mary Kay strives to create energy and excitement around all of Mary Kay’s wonderful products.