Hello Sunshine!

02-25-2014 4:46 PM

Hello Sunshine!  Who doesn’t think that’s just the most adorable name?!  When I heard the product line name, I got so excited, because it basically just emits a feeling of happiness. Warm and breezy days of wonderful weather, outdoor BBQs and fun! Spring. Is. Here. Check.

So when I got my Hello Sunshine! Collection, I was so amped up! But I have to admit, when I saw the colors, I thought to myself, “oh my gosh…how can I wear peach and yellow eye shadow?!” Yellow and some shades of peach are colors I adamantly avoid in my everyday life…from makeup, to clothing, to décor. You name it, if it’s any shade of yellow, I tend to automatically mentally shut down. I am extremely fair, with light hair and when I don’t have makeup on, people often ask me how I’m feeling…because….wait for it…they tell me I look pale! Ha!

Well, I’ve embraced my fair skin, but when the thought of putting anything yellow on my face happens, I sort of freak out. So basically I had to bring myself off the ledge when I saw the yellow and peachy color of Summer Sunset.

I’ve found, often times, when it comes to changing up my makeup or my hair, that sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and open your mind. Sometimes it just takes a minute to get used to the new you! So there I was, standing in front of my bathroom mirror with the Summer Sunset and I just went for it. I did it!

I have to say, after my whole face was done (you know-eyeliner, mascara, lips, etc.), I’m so glad I went for it. And to top off my fresh face spring look, I used a pop of color for my lips – Cherry Twist Lip Gel!

Gotta admit…I’m feeling pretty darn cute right now! And those compliments I got all day on my makeup…can’t say I hated that…nope, not one bit. Makeup is fun, let loose and experiment with something new, you may surprise yourself!

What is the last time you tried something new and surprised yourself?

Sarah Pallohusky, Assistant Manager, US Product Marketing, has worked at Mary Kay for almost seven years. There is no place she’d rather be! After all, who can say they get to play with makeup for a living?! Among being a great place to work, with great people, she loves the opportunity to support the Mary Kay independent sales force in helping them to achieve their goals.