Achoo!! Allergy Season Tips

03-10-2014 7:30 AM

If you are like me, this is that time of year for sneezing, runny noses and itchy watery eyes. It’s not only annoying, but also it’s horrible on my skin and makeup!  How am I supposed to look good all day with dark circles from rubbing my eyes, a red, dry nose from constantly blowing and dry, chapped lips from all of the allergy medicine meant to dry up my sinuses? 

Luckily, I have a few tricks up my sleeve, as well as some tissue, to keep me looking at least presentable. One thing I love this time of year is the Mary Kay Indulge® Soothing Eye Gel.  I keep it in my refrigerator so it is nice and cool when I go to use it. I put it on at night and sometimes in the morning too.  It really calms and sooths the area under my eyes after I rub them all day.  And, as a side note, this product is also helpful if you’re going through a break up, going through menopause or just have PMS and cry at every commercial that has a puppy in it. (#Realtalk)

Since my face gets really dry from my allergy medicine, I use Mary Kay's Oil-Free Hydrating Gel in the mornings for added moisture and I use the Intense Moisturizing Cream at night. 

And, one thing I keep handy at all times is the Satin Lips® Balm.  I think I’ve mentioned this product in a previous blog, but I really can’t get enough of it.  It’s the only thing that really helps my lips stay moisturized and feeling healthy.  And yes, prior to working here I did use other brands, but I was young and didn't know any better!  I would still recommend Satin Lips as my personal go-to lip balm. One last thing…I recommend Lash Love® Waterproof Mascara.  Even if my eyes are red, itchy and watering, I have to look good. 

So, does anyone else have these same issues or is it just me?  I would love any other tips to get through the season…besides allergy shots, that is. 

AmberToday’s blog post is from Amber Achilles-Cavazos, who works in US Product Marketing.  She is constantly looking for ways to make her life easier and better with Mary Kay® products.  Luckily, that’s easy to do!