What's Better than St. Paddy's Day?

03-17-2014 7:30 AM

Knock, Knock
Who’s there?
Water who?
Water you doing this Saturday? 

It’s World Water Day!

World Water Day is not a day most of us celebrate – or even know about. World Water Day is Saturday, March 22. World Water Day is about what we can do in 2014 and beyond to promote sustainable practices in the realm of water and energy. This year it is a special day for Mary Kay because water is our Pink Doing Green focus for 2014.  That’s right – Pink Doing Green is going Blue. In celebration of World Water Day, I want to recognize a few of our Mary Kay locations for the fantastic work they are doing to save water.

Our US Distribution Branches are great champions of environmental sustainability.  In 2013, together, the Branches saved almost 6,200,000 liters of water from the previous year.  That’s right 6.2 million liters!  And then there is Mary Kay Canada, one of our favorite Pink Doing Green partners.  They cut water use by almost 20% in 2013 from the previous year.

So, what are you doing this Saturday?  My family will be planting drought-resistant flowers.  It is time to add a little water-friendly color to our front yard.  How will you celebrate along with us?  Tell us in the comments below.  And you can follow me on twitter @cristigomez to see how my family celebrates #WWD2014.

For tips on how to conserve water, click here.

dr-cristi-gomez-with-mary-kayToday’s post is from Dr. Cristi Gomez. Cristi is a wife and mother of three active boys. Cristi heads Mary Kay’s Pink Doing Green® committee, which is a group of employees dedicated to increasing Mary Kay’s commitment to sustainability. For more information on Pink Doing Green®, click here. .