April Showers bring May Flowers….

04-28-2014 8:00 AM


Ahhh, its rainy season. Do you have a “go-to” rainy day makeup routine?

If not, take note! When it’s raining, it’s always good to modify the usual routine, swapping out some daily beauty goods, with some more “resistant” to rain goodies. Let’s focus on the important categories – skin, lips & lashes.

Let’s start with the obvious – waterproof mascara. Always, always have a waterproof formula on standby.  Mary Kay® Lash Love® Waterproof Mascara is an excellent choice.

Ok, that was a given, but did you know that the Mary Kay® Creme-to-Powder Foundation is water resistant? That’s right; rain drops don’t have a chance of adding polka dots to your face when you have this heavy hitter applied.  Also – this one is a good stand by as well, especially if you use something more lighter in coverage on a daily basis. (You should have more than one foundation anyway for a variety of different occasions – check out this video to see for yourself) 


The Mary Kay® Concealer too is waterproof – so, no dark circle or hidden zit is revealed by the rain, those secrets are safe – SCORE! 

Another rainy day warrior - Mary Kay® Crème Lipstick (because wind + sticky lip gloss + hair flying all over the place = yuck) I can’t count how many times I have had pink streaks down the side of my face, from my hair swiping into my gloss then swiping my face as I remove strands from my lips. The worse! Stick to a non-sticky when it’s windy. 

These are my fave go-to products for rainy day swap outs. What are yours? 

Today’s blog post is from Jennifer Harris, manager in US Product Marketing. With nearly 10 years working within the beauty industry, Jennifer has learned there are no rules for beauty; each unique woman deserves her own custom beauty plan that fits within her lifestyle. Her team at Mary Kay strives to create energy and excitement around all of Mary Kay’s wonderful products.