Top Five Mary Kay Beauty Hacks

06-25-2014 5:43 PM

I just love reading articles about my everyday things serving so many unusual uses. I have discovered 10 new functions of a lemon. Ten! So, I thought I would share with you some new ways to think about your Mary Kay products, maybe some new ways to love them even more. 

1. Mary Kay® Extra Emollient Night Cream (EENC for short) – THE MAMMA OF MULTI-TASKERS

Obviously, dry patches all over the body…OK, that was a given. Any excess left on my hands is use to tame hair fly-aways! 

Slip some of this generously on your nails/cuticles and then slip on manicure gloves and sleep all night. WOW! 

Repeat with your feet (particularly the heel) slip on socks after – MANDATORY! With flip flop season in full swing, you’ll want to handle up on those cracked dry heels! 

Condition your eyebrows – This acts as a great styling aid for me – I comb through a little of this cream to shape and hold them in place. Works great on taming little hairs in place at your hairline as well.  

2. Mary Kay® Espresso Mineral Eye Color - My GO TO Eyebrow filler. I shape with pencil – but FILL with my mineral shadow. Espresso is a perfect brown for blondes. 

3. Mary Kay® Translucent Loose Powder – Works EXCELLENT on my 2nd day hair when I skip a wash. I just dust some onto my roots with my powder brush and comb through – VOILA! (Caution to those with darker hair, you may need to use sparingly and ensure you comb it through!)

4. Mary Kay® Lash Love® Mascara I ♥ Brown or Black – My mom has used this in a pinch to conceal grey hairs at her part with just a few swipes. No kidding!  

And finally – my mommy tip….

5. Mary Kay® Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover – I use this liquid magic to remove traces of Band-Aid sticky goo, colored stamps and lingering temporary tattoos on my kids’ tender little skin. 

Open your mind to the creative possibilities of your cosmetics and skincare, and the most basic products can serve numerous purposes! Do you have any beauty hacks to share with us? 


Today’s blog post is from Jennifer Harris, manager in US Product Marketing. With nearly 10 years working within the beauty industry, Jennifer has learned there are no rules for beauty; each unique woman deserves her own custom beauty plan that fits within her lifestyle. Her team at Mary Kay strives to create energy and excitement around all of Mary Kay’s wonderful products.