Sometimes Everybody Wins

06-30-2014 11:56 AM

I love football (soccer). I love everything about it, the energy, being with friends and family, dressing up for it, cheering, hoping, winning, losing -- and the jokes about why your team lost, being at the stadium, at home, the food, the passion, the painted faces (sometimes with Mary Kay makeup). It combines a little bit of everything I love. 

Having the World Cup in my country has been an amazing experience. Throughout every world cup, we Brazilians paint the streets, decorate our homes, cars, and we breathe football. We comment every game, and of course, the country holds its breath when our yellow shirt enters the field. This time we did everything we always do, but we also invited the world to come and watch with us. And they came! The streets are filled with football lovers and we are all having a blast.

There is a saying in Brazil that football is a box of surprises. This has been specifically true about this World Cup. Past champions are going home early; new comers are doing surprisingly well and moving up the competition. This makes it even more fun, of course, if you are among the teams who stay. Nobody likes to leave the party early.

What is about football? It is a simple game that is a fact: eleven teammates, two teams, one ball, two goals, and one goal equals one point. One thing that I find interesting is that we have to deal with a tie, quite often, or much more so than other sports. Nobody wins, nobody loses.  Or better stated: everybody wins. Isn’t this true about life, though? Sometimes both sides are right. Or, you are both just that good.  

Discover what you love about soccer and you may end up loving it as much as I do! 

What team are you rooting for in this World Cup? Who is your favorite player?


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Today's blog post is from Shana Peixoto, director of marketing for Mary Kay Brazil. From now until July 13, you can find Shana sporting her yellow and green jersey cheering on team Brazil.