Faux Your Sun-Kissed Glow

07-06-2014 3:30 PM

Summer is in full swing which means lounging by the pool, jet setting to luxurious resorts and getting an incredible tan. Oh wait, that’s only for celebrities and the independently wealthy. For the rest of us with 9 to 5’s all summer, sun-missed is usually more accurate than sun-kissed. But fret not, there is still a way to faux your glow and fool everyone into thinking you just stepped off your private jet from St. Tropez -- hey, a girl can dream. 

If you’re a little bronzer-shy, I give you Bronzer 101 for achieving a natural (completely fake) summer glow. 

Be Selective

When applying bronzer, it’s important to remember the goal: enhancing your features. 

Brush on bronzer where you would tan naturally: across the forehead, the hairline, tops of the ears and on the temples,” explains Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist, Gregg Brockington. “You want the bronzer to work like an accent. That way you give the impression you really got some sun.” For added effect, use darker bronzer colors just under the cheek bone, in the hollow, to create depth and the illusion of higher cheek bones.

The Rule of 3

With a large powder brush, create the number "3" on both sides of your face. Start at the top of your forehead close to the hairline, sweep it down your temples, dust it along your cheeks and sweep it across your jawline all the way to your chin. 

Feel the Burn

When you get a really good first day of sun, your skin gets a slight burn – the rosiness in your cheeks and nose comes out. To mimic this sun-kiss, apply a coral based blush on the rounds of your cheeks and sweep it lightly across the bridge of your nose, forehead, collar bones and tops of the ears. Finish the look out with pop of color on the lip – like the blush, a lip shade with coral or orange undertones is ideal, and it’s SO in this season!

Blend, Blend, Blend!

A big mistake a lot of us make is blending too close to the nose which closes in the face. One trick I’ve learned to combat this is the “Two-Finger Rule.” Put two fingers right next to your nose while applying your bronzer and don’t let your brush past them. Also, remember to finish your bronzing routine by using the excess bronzer on your brush to blend color on areas sun would kiss: décolletage, neck (front and back) and shoulders. 

What’s your favorite way to get a “faux” sun-kissed glow?


Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Gregg Brockington shows how to best apply Mary Kay® Bronzing Powder


Today’s blog post is from Audrey Sowell. Audrey is on Mary Kay’s Corporate Integrated Brand Marketing team assisting in the strategic development of integrated marketing strategies, creating content and developing global creative, marketing and branding assets.