Nǐ hǎo do you do China?

07-10-2014 8:00 AM

When I think of China, I think of a country that’s traditional, modern, peaceful, vibrant and energized. I think of images fitting these descriptions, existing not in unorganized chaos, but in one setting with the strangest harmony. The main word that reminds me of China is “amusing”! Yes, even after seven years of residing in this country and countless visits, I still find it AMUSING!

China has an evolving landscape comprised of its culture, politics, economy and its physical scenery of its cities. China, which is proudly known as "The Middle Kingdom", has 1.3 billion people, carries more than 5,000 years of history and shares close to 16 percent of the world's purchasing power. That’s a lot going on for just ONE country!

What makes China amusing to me is the well-known fact, and learned by those of us living and working in China, that change is the only constant. In our day-to-day lives, the only routine is the non-routine. It never ceases to amaze me how different (and fast paced) my days can be from morning to night, literally. Remaining nimble and adaptable is critical in moving ahead and taking calculated risks is almost an art. With a vision in sight, we cease opportunities, trust our instinct and execute each decision with precision and belief that we are doing the best we can to create the masterpiece the canvas of China deserves!

What’s the best way to experience this fast-paced and ever-changing country? Come to China! Let the scenery tell the story. Just in Shanghai alone, you will see oxymorons coexisting in harmony when you spend a Sunday afternoon sipping traditional Chinese tea in a western old lane house hidden in a winding alley while looking out at the construction of the skyscrapers in the skyline not far away. You will feel the peace and the power originated from many centuries ago, continuing in full bloom for centuries to come. Like me, you will be renewed with a sense of hopefulness and leaving with the impression that China is, and yes indeed, AMUSING!


Sunrise in Shanghai


Modern skyscrapers in the Shanghai Lujiazui CBD area, the one under construction being the tallest one in the world


Inside a typical mall in Shanghai


The tranquility of enjoying Chinese tea at a old western house in Shanghai


The incredible details of the roof structure of an old Chinese mansion "Yu Yuan" next to the City God Temple in Shanghai


Blooming lilies symbolizing that summer is here!


Street sculpture along a Shanghai park road


Wendy is the Vice President and Associate General Counsel in the Legal Resources Department. With a total tenure of 12 years at Mary Kay, Wendy spent 7 of those years in Shanghai, China. Out of the many different learnings she has from her international assignment in China, the most important is that in China, nothing is impossible, but nothing is easy either! This is where the practice of law is a true form of art!