Project Runway

07-23-2014 10:04 PM

I was thrilled when Mary Kay asked me to be involved once again with Project Runway.  Last year, I had an amazing time being part of Project Runway All Stars, and this year I feel so lucky to be working on “the show that started it all” Project Runway!  So far it’s been an amazing season and I can guarantee that you will all LOVE it.  

My first “real” job in makeup was in Paris working backstage assisting at the Haute Couture shows. I was in my early 20’s and had very little understanding of the talent I was working with. Taking direction from designers such as YSL and Jean Paul Gaultier and applying makeup to super models like Christy Turlington I was blessed from the beginning to be working with the best in the world. Being exposed to these creative forces at that time shaped my early career and helped me to understand how beauty and fashion intertwine. In those days, the looks were uber-glamorous with strong feminine silhouettes. But, it was the beginning of bold minimalism in beauty and fashion. These contrasting styles in fashion have influenced my approach to makeup.  The intersection of these styles is what I feel to be the look of today’s modern woman.  

My favorite part of this journey has been collaborating with the designers to create the makeup looks for their models. But taking a step further, I am hopefully translating these into wearable looks that you can try at home. Fashion is about extremes sometimes and others very simple. My goal is to make sure I do my part to make sure a woman at home feels like they can also rock their own “runway” look.  

Working with and alongside Tim Gunn and the whole crew of the show has also been amazing. And yes, the designers really make the clothes sometimes with a small budget and with very little time to work on them.  

I can’t wait for you to check out some of the incredible makeup looks that we've been able to create, and know that some of you will even get a kick out of the way the makeup assistants have creatively customized their Mary Kay t-shirts!

Above all, thank you Mary Kay for letting me be a part of such a cool project and for allowing me to do my part to help women feel beautiful. Enjoy the show, watch some of the online videos that we've created for you and remember to always “make it work”. 

Auf Wiedersehen!

Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Luis Casco partnered with Mary Kay on Project Runway creating fashion forward looks seen throughout the season.  Luis is one of the most sought-after and highly-regarded makeup artists thanks to his years of experience and creating beauty all over the world.