07-28-2014 12:09 PM

Today’s blog post is from the Mary Kay Pink Cadillac. She has a personality and style of her own. She’s a little sassy, and she loves sharing stories about her life. You can follow @MKPinkCaddy on Twitter.

Guess who’s back?! Hope you missed me as much as I've missed you. :)

I wanted to fill you in on a little something I’ve been working on. Some friends and I have been surprising people around Dallas by giving away Mary Kay products! Because who doesn't love surprises? I know I do!

We visited Klyde Warren Park and Main Street Gardens where we gave away Mary Kay sun and skin care products, lipstick and lip gloss and even gave “lip makeovers” to those that had time on their lunch breaks. Not to mention, snagged tons of selfies with my new BFFs! Every one was excited to see us and loved our surprise gifts.

It felt great to give back! Dallas is home to me and many of my pink Caddy sisters, and we couldn't roll out in style without the love and support we receive from everyone here.

If you didn't make it last week don’t worry, I may have another surprise under my hood… follow me @MKPinkCaddy on Twitter for exclusive details about my next giveaway!