A “Natural Chic” Chick

03-28-2016 8:00 AM

Being a young professional today isn’t exactly easy – although we have so many amazing opportunities, it can be hard to balance all of the fantastic things vying for our time. From work to industry networking events to spending time with friends, you never know what a regular weeknight might bring! I need a makeup look that can easily transition from one activity to the next. Wednesday night is date night for my boyfriend and me, but that’s only after my women’s Bible Study – talk about needing a look that can easily work for two very different events! That’s why Mary Kay’s Natural Chic Look is my go-to. If you’re in the same boat and searching for a look that can take you from work to your favorite outdoor patio, try my favorite routine:

1. Sweep Rosegold mineral eye color over your eyelids. It’s neutral, but still adds a little extra sparkle.

2. Line your upper lashlines with MK Deep Brown eyeliner. Go for Black if you’re looking for a bolder look, but I personally love a color that matches my brows and hair color to keep it natural. Blend Sweet Plum mineral eye color over your liner for that little extra pop.

3. Speaking of brows, I can’t go a day without filling in my brows with the Mary Kay® Brow Definer Pencil in Brunette. I love how polished it makes my face look!

4. Pat Crystalline mineral eye color onto your brow bones and inner inner corners. 

5. Finish up your eyes with Mary Kay® Ultimate Mascara™ in Black. It’s bold enough to bring out my lashes and eyes, but doesn’t feel too aggressive.

6. Using Juicy Guava mineral cheek color duo, apply the coral shade to the apples of your cheeks. I naturally have a pink undertone to my skin anyways, so sometimes I skip this step if it’ll be a hot day. Feel free to make this look your own!

7. Apply neutral lip liner

8. Top off this look by applying Café au Lait lip gloss

That’s it! You’re ready for your day, and wherever life might take you after work. At the end of your day, and before kicking back to watch the latest “Scandal” episode, be sure to use Mary Kay® Oil Free Makeup Remover to take everything off. We all know that taking off your makeup each night is crucial for healthy skin, and it works so well that I swear it might be magic!

Here are a couple times I've rocked this look for different events. On the left, I'm playing tour guide while wearing “natural chic" in my hometown (Chicago!), and on the right, “natural chic” helps me look "Game Day" ready – it’s seriously so versatile! 


Are you a “Natural Chic” chick, too? Tell us your favorite go-to Mary Kay product for this look in the comments below!

Today's blog post is from Emily Walsh. Emily is a Chicago native and a recent Southern Methodist University grad with a passion for all things public relations. Emily supports media relations efforts for the North American region for the Mary Kay Corporate Communications team.