#myMKlife Series: Amy

04-06-2016 8:00 AM

This month on the Beauty That Counts blog, we’re bringing you the #myMKlife series. We will be sitting down with real Mary Kay independent sales force members who are able to pursue their goals and passions thanks to their Mary Kay businesses. For today’s blog we met with Amy. Amy started her Mary Kay business 11 years ago is an Independent Senior Sales Director. 

How did you get started selling Mary Kay?

I went to a Mary Kay party and the Independent Beauty Consultant was so poised and well put together. She really intrigued me even before she started talking about the Mary Kay opportunity. I was super impressed with the company facts she was sharing and I thought “Why not give this a try?!” At the time I was in college and planning to go to medical school while working full-time at a bank. My dream at the time was to be an ER doctor. I was commuting two hours a day to go to school and work, and Mary Kay seemed like a great way to earn supplemental income. After a few months I left my job at the bank and my Mary Kay business became my main source of income. 

So what’s a typical day like for you having your own Mary Kay business? Give us a “Day in the life of Amy”.

My favorite part about my Mary Kay business is that I don’t have to wake up to an alarm! I get up within reason obviously, but it really depends on the day. No two days are really the same though – which I love! I’m able to work my Mary Kay business around my schedule and life. My weekdays consist mostly of the things I do to support my customers and business. I’m usually mentoring other Independent Beauty Consultants on my team, following up with customers from recent parties, fulfilling orders, making plans for upcoming parties and posting information on my Mary Kay business social media page.  I try to do almost all of my parties on the weekend because that’s what works best for me and my client’s schedules. However, I’ll occasionally have parties during the week as well. 

You mentioned wanting to become a doctor. Do you still have an interest in going to medical school one day? 

Once I started working my Mary Kay business full-time and earned the use of two Mary Kay career cars while I was in school, I realized that this was my new calling. For a period of time I used to volunteer at the ER – and it was eye opening! I really enjoyed it, but realized just how much I really enjoyed the flexibility that comes with my Mary Kay business. I’m able to help people in a different way that isn’t quite as intense as being an ER doctor. 

Is there anything in particular you’ve learned from having a Mary Kay business that you weren’t necessarily expecting to learn when you started? 

My confidence has grown tremendously. I’m a much better public speaker thanks to my experience leading Mary Kay parties or talking to women about the Mary Kay opportunity. I also feel much more comfortable reaching out and meeting new people. I wasn’t necessarily a shy person before, but when I would walk into a large room of people I used to think “Who’s the least intimidating person here for me to talk to?” and now I think to myself, “Who’s someone I can talk to that I feel like I can learn something from?” I have no doubt that the business skills I’ve learned have boosted my confidence and mindset! 

Is there anything you’d want someone to know who’s thinking about starting a Mary Kay business?

I always say, “If this is something you’re even slightly interested in, give it a try!” If anything, it’s an opportunity for you to see if this could be for you. And who knows, you might learn something new about yourself along the way! 

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