#myMKlife Series: Monica

04-12-2016 5:31 PM

This month on the Beauty That Counts blog, we’re bringing you the #myMKlife series. We will be sitting down with real Mary Kay independent sales force members who are able to pursue their goals and passions thanks to their Mary Kay businesses. For today’s blog we met with Monica. Monica started her Mary Kay business in 2013 and is an Independent Beauty Consultant. 

Why did you decide to start your own Mary Kay business?

I went to a Mary Kay party with a friend just a few days after Christmas. For me, like so many people, money was tight around the holidays and I knew I couldn't buy much, but I knew I could use some pampering. My friend said we would be receiving a microdermabrasion treatment. I didn't know what that meant, but it sounded fancy and fun so I was in! The Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant was so sweet and funny. We had a really great time! Then she explained all the trips she had earned with Mary Kay, and I was immediately impressed. I thought, “Wow, if she has earned trips, I bet she has earned the use of a Pink Cadillac!” So naturally, I asked her if she had one and of course she did – it even had her name on it! 

What I knew right away was that if I was ever going to give something like this a try, I wanted to do it with a woman like her because she was clearly successful, and could show me how I could be successful too. I was ready to learn what I needed to know for my Mary Kay business to work out, and even though I was super nervous, I signed up just a few days later and I have never looked back!

What’s changed in your life since you started your Mary Kay business?

My life is so busy right now. I just had my first child in January, so between juggling a full-time teaching job, being a first time mommy, working my Mary Kay business, and being a wife, daughter, sister, and friend, my day is FULL! But here’s the thing – busy people get the most things done. I have learned to prioritize my day by making a "6 Most Important Things" list. I have one for my business and one for my personal life. I have the flexibility to design my day and work my business in a way that works for me.

Is there anything in particular you’ve learned from having a Mary Kay business that you weren’t necessarily expecting to learn when you started?

What I didn't know before starting my MK business was how to step out of my comfort zone. True personal growth begins from within, and stepping out and seeing what you're capable of is a huge part of that. It has helped build my confidence and be more comfortable in my own skin. 

Is there anything you’d want someone to know who’s thinking about starting a Mary Kay business?

Any advice I could give to someone thinking about giving the Mary Kay opportunity a try would be that there is truly nothing to fear. If something stirs in your heart, that might be a sign that you're ready for more! Any obstacles you come across are just opportunities for growth!

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