Here Comes the Sun! Tips for Avoiding Sun Damage

05-23-2016 1:53 PM

Let’s be honest.  The last thing we want to do in the morning is add another step to our routine. Shower? Check. Hair? Check. Makeup? Check Check (an extra “check” here because of working for a cosmetics company!). Putting on sunscreen? Who has time for that?

The truth is we all need to make time to protect our skin. You’ve probably heard a thing or two about UV or “ultraviolet” rays. UVA rays penetrate the skin more deeply, and are a major cause of skin aging and wrinkling. UVB rays are associated with skin reddening and sunburn, and contribute to photo aging and skin cancers.  Broad spectrum (found in these Mary Kay® products) protects you from both!

Sun damage can be confusing, so let’s debunk a couple of myths.

1. I only need to wear sunscreen when I’m planning to be outside all day, like during a beach vacation.

False! Putting on sunscreen every day is so important because your skin is exposed to the sun anytime you walk out of the house. A lot of people forget that they can even get sun exposure while driving. UV rays are strong and can even penetrate car windows.

2. Protecting against sun damage means I have to put on sunscreen every day… I hate that oily feeling!

False! Luckily, Mary Kay has products that make it easy to wear sunscreen on a daily basis. The Foundation Primer Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15* helps your foundation last longer and minimizes the appearance of pores. The CC Cream also contains SPF 15*, making protection easier than ever.

3. Sun damage isn’t THAT bad for us. Who cares if I have a sunburn for a few days?

Sun damage has so many more negative effects on your skin other than just giving you a red glow for work the next week. Over time, it can lead to uneven skin tone, the loss of skin elasticity, premature aging and wrinkles, decreasing the resilience of our skin…. The list goes on and on!

As much as we love having fun in the sun, especially with Memorial Day coming up, remember that you only have one skin and it’s important to take care of it. 

Which Mary Kay® products do you use to protect against sun damage? Let us know below!

*Over-the-counter drug product

Michelle Hines, Ph.D, Mary Kay’s Manager of Skin Care ResearchToday’s blog post is from Michelle Hines, Ph.D. Michelle is Mary Kay’s Director of Skin and Clinical Research and Consumer Product Insights.